About Us

We created North Star Wishes to express your love and gratitude, to those you love. To Create Memorable Moments, add more sparkle, shine, more love, and fun into our lives! 

 Do you ever feel like you want to tell those you love – maybe it’s your wife or husband, your mom or dad, your children or even friends how much you appreciate, and love them. If you struggle to find the right words to say to the people you love and the words either escape you or maybe you are too shy to speak them aloud? We are here for you. Each piece of our jewelry comes with a heartfelt message that will speak on your behalf and melt their heart.

If you have a specific message you would like to say, we can customize any message card, or jewelry piece - Message us if you would like a custom creation made just for you or a loved one! Let us know and we will help all we can!

🌟Lastly, thank you SO much for your support of our small business, it means the world to us!🌟